Important Information

Please read everything. We want you to have a wonderful time!


The Red River Gorge is located about an hour southeast of Lexington, Kentucky. To get a general idea of where we are, you can Google “Slade, Kentucky”.

Plan your Route

Before the day of the wedding, plan your route to get to the ceremony location. If you have any questions please ask us. We don't want you to get lost and miss out.

Detailed Directions

You will need detailed directions to the ceremony site. You will receive them with the wedding announcement. Don't try to get to the ceremony site without them.

Be on time

Red River Gorge Weddings will start the ceremony, with, or without all the wedding guests. Give yourself plenty of extra time to get to the meeting point.

Print Directions

You will want to print up or save directions to your smartphone. Cell service is very spotty in the area. Do not rely on having it the day of the ceremony.

Please Carpool

Parking is limited at the trailheads. Please carpool so that you do not run late because you are looking for a parking spot. The ceremony will start on time, regardless of who is late.

You will need to sign an access liability waiver form.

Access to, and use of, the National Forest and private property for our wedding ceremonies is a privilege we are happy to have and share with you. We will request that you sign an access liability waiver form before we enter the forest. The form is very standard. Please take a moment to read it by clicking the link below. This will expedite the process at the trailhead so we can start the wedding on time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

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Wear Appropriate Footwear

Please wear sneakers, hiking boots, or good walking shoes. Do not wear flip-flops, sandals, heels, or dress shoes. We will not be able to take you into the forest if you are not wearing adequate footwear. You can bring your dress shoes to change into for formal portraits.

If you have any questions, please contact us before the wedding.

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