post booking faq

We are booked! We’ve paid our deposit, signed the contract, now what?

Our next step for you is to “bookmark” your client portal so you can access it easily AND create a folder on your email account to filter all our correspondences into. Keeping track of the planning information we are sending you ensures that our processes run as smoothly as possible which greatly reduces stress on your end and keeps us from having to pester you unnecessarily. It’s easy for life to get busy and for things to go unnoticed, we completely understand, so we will shoot you a text or email if we need something.

Soon our booking platform will be sending you a request to schedule a call with Lila and an accompanying questionnaire. Please make sure to fill this questionnaire, and all our questionnaires in a relatively timely fashion as each one collects necessary information to keep things moving forward. If you need to speak with Lila at any point in time, please contact her to set up a time for a phone call.

What is the best way to get ahold of Lila?

For questions that are solely related to planning we prefer to utilize email or scheduling a phone call. Texting is fine for quick questions, scheduling a call, sending inspiration photos, and relaying urgency to discuss something. It is much easier for Lila to keep things organized when she can either take notes during a call, or easily access email records for information, rather than having to scroll back through many text messages to retrieve crucial details. We like to try to keep a healthy work/life balance and corresponding solely through text can blur the lines between being “on” and “off” the clock.

How much time should we allot to planning our ceremony with Lila?

For our 2 hour (Lady Slipper) and 3 hour (Mountain Laurel) packages we typically have your wedding planned in totality within 1.5-3 hours at the very most spread over a phone call or 2. If you choose more involved décor options you can tack an extra 20-30 minutes to your conversation (at most). For our Creatures of Comfort Package it varies from 2 hours to 4+ hours of planning with Lila over a series of phone calls.

When will we be able to decide on a ceremony location?

Some couples have an idea of where they want to host their ceremony prior to booking, and others need a little more time and consideration before landing on a firm decision. We encourage everyone to take as much time as needed/is available to feel confident in their choice. Most couples can expect to have their ceremony site location finalized by the end of their first talk with Lila, but it is not uncommon for couples to want to review some galleries from past weddings or to go on a “On Trail Consultation” which is a guided hike to a select few locations to discuss options.

We are curious about an “On Trail Consultation”, can you tell us more?

Oh fun! We love getting out on the trails with our clients prior to their big day. We’ve found that this greatly reduces anxiety in our couples who need more visual input than just a gallery or two. Common reasons for an “On Trail Consultation”

-To see several sites to help make a location decision

-To view privately owned locations

-Wants Lila’s input on how things will “flow” on the day of (think of this as a pseudo rehearsal)

-To know exactly what the hiking portion of the day will be like

-To get to meet Lila in person and talk more about what to expect on the day of!

Do we get to do a rehearsal with our team before the big day?

Our team is very busy and are not available for rehearsals prior to your ceremony, but if this is something you’re worried about please let Lila know and she will be happy to walk you through what you can expect for your ceremony so you and your wedding party can come up with a plan to follow. We do offer the option of “On Trail Consultations” where you can walk through your ceremony site and photo sites with Lila for $75 an hour at a time that is at a predetermined and optimal time/day for everyone’s schedule. We consider this service an Add-On and your bill for this services will be contained in your Add-On Invoice. If the ceremony site is on public land, once you have your ceremony site address you and your wedding guests/party are welcome to go to the site and rehearse as you see fit.

Do we get to pick out flowers for our bouquet(s) / boutonniere(s)?

We take all preferred color and flower type requests, but we are at the mercy of what is available to us locally or what nature has to offer. Please know we will do our best to meet your requests.

Can I send you my Pinterest board or inspiration photos?

Yes, please do! We love to see what inspires you and learning about what you envision for your day is wildly helpful. We do like to mention that our business is very creatively oriented and while we will utilize your inspiration photos to craft designs and photos that are in-line with what you’ve shared with us, we are not going to attempt to duplicate them precisely.

We have family/friends that are no longer with us, can we set up a chair or table for them in their honor?

Absolutely, yes! We respect the desire to honor and cherish those who are with us in spirit. We charge a $5 fee per chair rental or $20 for a small table with a tablecloth and we will set up whatever you need on said chair(s/table).

Do we need to bring umbrellas in case of rain?

Nope! We provide all our guests with adorable clear bubble umbrellas to use during ceremonies, this way everyone has well-lit faces, and everything looks uniform for your photos.

What if there is rain on the forecast?

Believe it or not, rainy days make for beautiful ceremony photos! So, fear not a rainy forecast, if conditions are not hazardous, all will go as planned. There are a few beautiful options for inclement weather. We have access to rock shelters and overhanging cliffs that can keep us dry. We can switch to those ceremony sites to ensure a dry, hassle-free experience. If you are renting a cabin in the area, we can always perform your ceremony there should the weather be particularly wild as long as the cabin rental company gives us permission to do so.  We also provide umbrellas to aid in keeping yourself and your loved ones dry as possible.

Prior to your ceremony it might be tempting you watch the weather forecast meticulously, but we suggest that our couples refrain for putting too much stock on what a weather app might say. The weather patterns in our area unique and what is on the forecast a week in advance of a certain date is liable and likely to change. So if you are checking regularly, try not to put too much stock in what the meteorologist is saying. We use multiple radar sources and are keeping a close eye on things. Of course, if you have any worries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Lila to come up with a game plan or discuss alternative options if you’re particularly concerned about the forecast.

We have a guest attending our ceremony with some recent unexpected health complications, they won’t be able to walk very far to our ceremony location. Can we change our ceremony site to accommodate them?

Yes! Keeping guests safe and comfortable is a priority. With enough of a heads up we can coordinate a ceremony site change fairly quickly. Not all sites support all of our offerings; if you have certain add-on items that you’ve requested for your initial site’s décor/set up we might have to reconfigure some requests to accommodate the site change, and for the comfort of your guests.

How do we receive our photos?

Within 8 weeks of your ceremony you will receive an email with your digital gallery’s link. Follow the link to view and download your images. We send out a gallery guide to assist you in best practices for downloading, sharing, and storing your images.

Can someone walk me down the aisle?

Of course!

Can we have a traditional wedding party where our loved ones stand beside us?

Absolutely! We would need to choose a ceremony site that can accommodate however many people will be standing with you, but it is something we can make happen as long as there is some flexibility to ceremony site preferences.

Is the marriage license included in your packages?

No. In order for you to be legally married in Kentucky, you must visit a County Clerk’s office and apply for a Kentucky Marriage License to present to your officiant the day of your ceremony. There is no waiting period needed for this simple process to be completed. You will need to provide an official ID, pay around $50 and sign some paperwork. It should take you about 20 minutes to acquire your marriage license, once it is issued you have 30 days to return it.  You do not need to purchase it in the same county as your ceremony location, but it must be from the state of Kentucky.

We’ve ordered on site décor to be ready and waiting for us when we get to our ceremony site, we don’t have to do anything, right?

You are correct! Our team will take care of it all. All your purchased add ons will be ready upon your arrival.

Do you handle our cabin rentals?

No, we do not, but if you go to our Red River Gorge tab on our home page you can find plenty of rental options to choose from.

When/how do we pick up our flowers or desserts?

We will deliver any flowers or desserts at the time of your ceremony unless desserts need to be received earlier in the day or after the ceremony for whatever reason.

Who is our Officiant?

We source your Officiant from a group of select individuals in the area that have been trained by Lila. Upon booking we are unsure of precisely who your officiant will be because who is available varies from week to week, but we will let you know as soon as we know if you prefer to speak with them prior to your ceremony.

We don’t hold any religious beliefs; can we have a ceremony that reflects our true selves?

ABSOLUTELY! As part of the planning process, we send out a questionnaire where you have space to outline in details as much as you feel we ought to know to best prepare your ceremony so that it aligns with your values. We appreciate as much feed-back as feels comfortable for you to share.

What do we need to bring?

We’ve formulated a printable Check List with items we require/recommend for you to bring. We do require all guests to be in suitable footwear for hiking if you have chosen locations that require navigating trails; this is non-negotiable. However, we encourage people to bring dress shoes for formal photos if that feels important to them.

Is the deposit really non-refundable?

That is correct. The non-refundable deposit is utilized to hold your date, start the planning process for your wedding, and reserve the services of an officiant and auxiliary staff to make your day streamlined and stress free.  We highly recommend you purchase insurance to cover your investment for any unseen circumstances that may cause you to cancel your wedding. Here is an insurance option (WedSafe Wedding Insurance)